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Mark Ling

Mark Ling

Affilorama belongs to Mark Ling. Mark is an Internet marketing expert who is widely known and respected. His proven successes have earned him millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of students, and multiple business awards, including the Deloitte Fast 50.

Mark is a New Zealander. When he was in college, he learned that a friend had a banner add on his website which was bringing in $50 each month. Mark asked if he could try the banner approach.

Since it worked for him too, he decided that if he had 10 sites with that one add, he would make $500 each and every month. He joined other programs and created more sites.

Because of all the work for maintaining numerous sites, Mark rented a house and hired English majors from his university to write the copy for his sites. This method of site progress is used to day by many of my friends in the industry.

Marks father was a statistician for the government. When he learned that Mark was earning more than he was, he joined Mark.

Later, Mark was pestered by friends to teach him how to do affiliate marketing. Mark started training and created Affilorama.

Here are the Links to Mark’s training:

Home Page

Blue Print

Jet Pack

Affilo Tools

Affilo Theme

Mark offers a lot of free information which you will find on his home page. This not trivial information but valuable to affiliate marketers. You will actually take free lessons to help you build a web business from scratch.

If you purchase a product from Mark, I may get a small commission. The Federal Trade Commission requires me to tell you this.


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