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There is a place in the home job market for you!

There is a place in the home job market for you!

There are many advantages to working at home. I will outline these advantages in just a few moments. Because of the economy of our country and the world, many people are strapped for money.

Some folks are exhausted from the hassle of their day job, or often, day jobs. They want to control their own destiny so they decide to work from home.

Some are just looking to increase their income by adding a second or third source, not realizing that they might be putting themselves into a business that might lead to the elimination of other jobs.

For a minute, I will diverge from best work at home jobs to the advantages of working at home.

Advantages of Working From Home

Work from home with the kids there.

Work from home with the kids there.

1. You can build a business based on your own experience, education, and skills.

2. Since you don’t leave home, you can take care of your children and pets.

3. You decrease your transportation costs dramatically. You might be able to eliminate one vehicle,

4. You eliminate or greatly reduce the need for work clothes. You can work in your bathrobe.

5. You can write off your office and business costs when you file your taxes.

6. You can choose your own hours to work. You can work before the kids get up and after they go to bed.

7. You can schedule your vacations for when you want to take them,

Now, let's see. When should we go to Jamaica

Now, let’s see. When should we go to Jamaica

not please your employer.

8. You don’t have some crack to boss you around, or more likely, some moron.

9. You can create and make products at home that you can sell to others. When you get a product going, you can farm out the labor and have someone else make it for you. (That’s what my granddaughters do, creating full-time incomes to support their husbands who are in college.)

10. You can establish a vibrant Internet business low or no cost at all to you. Click Here! ITBC

Best Work Home Jobs

What are people who work at home doing? Let’s take a look:


You can work the globe from your home by Blogging.

You can work the globe from your home by Blogging.

Bloggers find a niche market, a smaller part of a larger market, and establish a website. Looking at the problems that face their readers, they provide solutions which their readers pay for. This post is a blog.

Online Store

It is very simple to set up an online store. You can do it in minutes. However, the downside is for beginners, is that you need to stop the store with products. You can go to and set up a store in an hour or so. But there are limitations there as to what you can put in your store. It is no problem if what you are putting the store is an antique or that you crafted it yourself. Yes, you can have others craft your products for you.

One of my young friends made a key-ring holder in my kitchen and put it on his online store. It sold immediately and he made much more and is still making key ring holders. He also has a “store” where he sells products that are actually being made and shipped from China. He sells these products at very low cost, often for just the shipping cost, because the price of each item is low.

You need to lie to take best paying surveys.

You need to lie to take best paying surveys.

I have some friends who sold doll parts from their home. They had a mailing list but they had no Internet presence. They opened up a web store and started selling their products on the Internet. There set their sales doubled and then tripled almost immediately. So you can always put an existing business online.

I know of one man who had juggling as a hobby. He decided to open an online store and to sell juggling products on the Internet. He has been very successful.

Two of my granddaughters make baby clothes and put them on the Internet. There have about a dozen employees who help them make the clothing. They both earn full-time incomes which support their husbands in college. (A number of friends of mine made hundreds of thousands of dollars online while in college promoting other peoples products (affiliate marketing.)

My son, a veterinarian, sales herbs from his website and books and tutorials on how to find or raise herbs and how to use them. He had a music store online but sold it when he became too busy to handle two businesses online.

I have sold many books and flagpoles online. I don’t do it now, but I could if I wanted to. Well, I’m 85 years old. Can’t do everything! I have a new flagpole site but there is no traffic there yet.


My retired from the working world, I did engineering consulting. I provided services to companies and I worked for the State Department helping foreign countries improve their businesses. The problem with consulting is that you work from home meaning that you are often away from home,

You can be a consultant if you have special knowledge or skills. Such skills often come from past employment or from your education,

You can become a consultant.

Often people who are in sales become consultants because of the information they learned on their sales job. I knew two salesmen, who became experts on resins and adhesives and who made their livings as consultants.

Sell Your Services

Are you a stenographer, a writer, an artist, an expert at web design, musician, magician (like my neighbor), a video maker, a cartoonist, a web traffic expert, etc. You can provide these services to others locally or from the Internet. I love friends of design websites for others from their homes. Go to You can buy or sell services there. I have had folks write for me, draw for me, design logos for me, etc. There are many sites on the web where you can sell your services.

Damned Gurus!

Gurus will grab you by your toes and shake the money out of your pockets.

Gurus will grab you by your toes and shake the money out of your pockets.

In general, I steer away from most jobs offered on the Internet. There are so many scam artist who will grab you by your heels and shake the money out of your pockets, so I steer away from taking surveys and other such crap.

You can make money taking surveys on the Internet but you must be a liar. There’s always a shakedown before you are allowed to take a survey making sure that you are one of the takers that the provider wants. So you might have to tell them that you have twins home that are still in diapers.

Not for me.

Too many jobs offered on the Internet have little earning potential. You can work for hours for a pittance.


On my left is Ted Oellien of Canby Minnesota (deceased). I recently had contact with Ted's widow who send me his funeral service program. He died way to young, a brave and competent soldier.

On my left is Ted Oellien of Canby Minnesota (deceased). I recently had contact with Ted’s widow who sent me his funeral service program. He died way too young, a brave and competent soldier.

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