A Few Blogging for Profit Tools

First read my Article http://internetbusinesstoolcenter.com/how-to-make-money-on-a-blog so that I don’t have to write everything down again here. I’m a lazy old man. That is my sister site.

Here are some tools for you bloggers. Blogging can be profitable and there are so many ways to make money. For example, you can put affiliate links into your test to sell Amazon or other products. You can boost your SEO and get high rankings. Here are three dandies to get you going:

WordPress-Amazon-Associate Plugin

I don’t see any charge for this plugin. I just installed it for free. But it will help you sell your Amazon products. One friend of mine, Jay, bought a new Volvo with Amazon products. I have never made any money on Amazon so I added this plugin to see if I can’t get something going there. I would love a new Volvo or Cadillac or Mercedes. Wouldn’t you?

I went through a Mercedes factory in Germany. They gave me a model of a Mercedes. I would have rather had the car. Then I could drive down he Autobahn at 130 miles per hour.

This is a major program for bloggers. There is a one-time cost but it won’t break the bank. I suggest you go to the site to look at how it works and the many benefits.

Click Here!

SEO Pressor

This is major program to put your website to the top of Google and other search engines. You have to put it on each site. It looks at every facet of your website and optimizes it for the search engines. The big companies like auto companies use it so it is good. Go to the site to see the video on how it works.

Click Here!

Hey! Let’s get rich!

Internet Business Tool Center

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