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Free Lance Writer

Free Lance Writer

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There is a lot of interest in blogging on the Internet and there are opportunities for free lance writers in blogging.

Bloggers make money by promoting affiliate products, accepting ads on their sites, promoting their own products, etc. As long as they can bring in traffic, they can be successful financially.  Sometimes they have to hire free lance writers to give a hand.

Freelance writers find that blogging is a money-making opportunity. Some have their own blogs but they also write for other bloggers.

Blogs may be about a variety of different subjects and may be personal, political, informative, humorous or any other category desired by the blogger. The key to a successful blog is a subject which appeals to a broad audience. It is the writer’s task to make sure his or her writing is of high quality and is addressed to the readers of the blog they are hired to write for.

Blogs need to be updated regularly which provides work over a long time to blog writers. As I said, the content in blog articles must be relevant to the blog readers and of high quality. It often must solve a particular problem.

Blogging Career Opportunities

Writers blogging opportunities should utilize the same job search websites they rely on to find other writing opportunities. Many list their services on and other such sites.

Bloggers can post on blogging career websites message boards which focus exclusively on careers in blogging. The website is an example of such a website that puts writers in contact with blog webmasters.

The Benefits of a Career in Blogging

There are benefits to a career in blogging. Almost always writers can work at home or wherever they have access to a computer. You can work while nursing a child. (Some companies may require bloggers to perform on site.)

Another benefit to a career in blogging is control of the work schedule. I like to work early in the morning. Some prefer in the late evening. Some like to work on breaks and lunch periods.

The blogger may be required to upload posts to a blog on a regular schedule, but the actually writing of the posts can be accomplished when it is convenient for the blogger. Some blogging software packages enable the blogger to set a specific time for a specific post to be uploaded. This allows the blogger to write several posts at a time and have them publish according to a pre-determined schedule.

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