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Quick Start to Internet Marketing

work at homeWhen you start in Internet marketing, what you need is a free method so that you’re not draining your pockets into the pockets of some guru. You can tell the guru. He says,” I made $37,000 in 10 minutes.” Well, maybe he did by sending a new offer from one of his cronies to the many thousands of folks trapped in his sales funnel. All he had to do was send an e-mail with the fantastic new offer.

Don’t follow the gurus. They will turn you upside down and shake the coins out of your pockets.

When you spread your e-mail address around on the Internet, the gurus will bombard you with e-mails offering exciting new products that will make you rich. Actually they will make you poor.

You can get a quick start to Internet marketing, but that is not the end of it. It is the beginning of a new business that you must manage and promote like any other business. Many new Internet marketers fail to see this. But if you can not build up a business where people trust you because you are providing a good product or service, that you will have no traffic on your website from the buyers that you are looking for.

The Small Business Administration will provide you at no charge the information you need to start a business. But it will not be specific to the Internet. That takes special training.

toolboxIf you go to my IBTC tool box, you will find that Wealthy Affiliate University and Affilorama offer free training. Wealthy Affiliate University will also give you two free websites along with your free lifetime start up membership. Both of these organizations around by former college students that earned their college expenses by marketing on the Internet.

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