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No Experience Needed Jobs

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There is a place in the job market for you!

There is a place in the job market for you!

Young folks and folks who have never worked a regular job often seek no experience needed jobs. For example, a lady who has been raising kids and going to PTA meetings may not have the skills and knowledge to work in one of the job opportunities she sees in the newspaper want ads. They are willing to learn but don’t recognize that they actually do have some skills and knowledge which is directly applicable to the work place.

Another example is farm workers who don’t see how they would fit in to a job in industry. The fact of the matter is that industry prefers farm workers. Why? Because they know how to do things. In Colorado, we always gave preference to farm workers.

Military veterans may not see how their military training fits into the work force, but veterans are given preference in industry and government and military experience can fit in better than they think.

Let Others Decide Your Potential in the Job Market

If you have been out of the job market for a long time, then you probably don’t know exactly what that market is all about. Therefore you need to let people who are in the market tell you what they need. Then they can match your skills with their requirements.

You should apply for a job you know that you are not capable of doing. The reason is that when an employer looks at you, he may think of other areas of his company where you might fit in. Therefore seeking one job may lead to another.

You should also consider asking your friends about possible employment. They can often find you a job. I once found a job for a fellow engineer and in turn he found me a job. It turned out that I ended up working for his father in Pennsylvania.

Don’t  worry too much about the qualifications you don’t have.

Consider Working for Your Self

You can work the globe from your home.

You can work the globe from your home.

In this day and age, many folks get tired of their job or they become dissatisfied with their working conditions including their pay. Therefore they decide to go into business for themselves. Since you are starting out in business you may as well make that business your own business.

To start your own business, you will need some knowledge.

A good way to get that knowledge is to talk to people who are in business. A good place to start is at your local chamber of commerce. They will guide you to sources that will help you get established in business.

You also can go to your local community college or university and ask for help. They often have free courses of study to teach you how to start a business.

Also you can go to and prepare a business plan for your business. This will be your guide to success. It is very unwise to try to start a new business without a business plan.

Consider Working from Home

There are a number of advantages to working at home:

1 You don’t pay for transportation to work.

2. You don’t have to buy clothing for work.

3. You don’t have to rent or buy office space.

4. You can use local equipment that you own such as computers and machinery and such.

5. You will have tax advantages.

6. You don’t need to have someone watch the kids or pets.

7. You have that feeling of freedom that comes from working alone. 

8. You have the potential of earning much income.

Consider Internet Marketing

Work from home with the kids there.

Work from home with the kids there.

There are two ways to approach the Internet:

1. Make and sell your own products.

I have always been more successful in selling my own products. I was not necessarily the manufacturer of the product but I was the distributor. In other words I had control of the product.

2. Promote other people’s products.

This is usually affiliate marketing where you know enough about a product to promote it. Your job is to send people to the vendor’s site. You do not sell. That is the vendor’s job. The priority site for training affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate University. I have been a member WA for eight (8) years.

Decide What You Must Do to Make Your Self Effective in a New Environment

No matter what you decide you will have to to have a plan of action to achieve your goals. This will probably include some special training. If you decide to purchase a franchise, then you will be fully trained as part of the deal. the best source for franchise opportunities is Inc Magazine.

Implement Your New Plan of Action

Once you have set up your business plan, then write down the tasks that must be completed. It is your goal to complete each of the task generated from your business plan in a thorough manner.

You should end up in business.

Your own business!

Some Examples of How to Implement Your Plan!

Example 1.

Tyler decided to make key holders, a board with hooks to hang keys on. He made the first board in my kitchen. He opened an ETSY store at no charge and listed his boards. He now is selling these key boards regularly. He also has a web site where he sells Chinese goods but charges only for postage and handling because the items are so inexpensive. Tyler is my wife’s caregiver’s son.

Example 2

My two granddaughters were taught to knit when about four (4) years old by my wife. They now sell knitted goods, first on Etsy and then on their own site. Their husbands are in college but my granddaughters are the breadwinners, having a dozen or so employees.

Example 3

Some friends of mine in the Midwest had a business from their home selling doll parts and accessories. They put the business on the Internet with their own site and doubled their sales overnight. The business continues to grow. I have other granddaughters who promote their professions on the Internet.

Example 4

My son used to sell flutes. We set him up a website and he told his customers by email that he had a new website where they could buy flutes. He “tied up” the flute makers world-wide (Irish flutes) and his business grew until he didn’t have time to run it–so he sold the business. He is a veterinarian who now has a new business on the Internet:

Example 5

A man I know of had juggling as a hobby. He set up a website selling juggling equipment and does very well financially.

Example 6

A gentleman, now deceased, I knew, sold car parts which he put on the Internet. He wrote and sold a best selling book on buying cars. He then started a very large business teaching folks how to make money on the Internet.

Example 7

Four men I know personally each became Affiliate Markers while in college. One hired college English majors to write for his many websites. Now he teaches others to make money on the Internet.

Ryan Moran earned his way through college as an entreprenoire He is still at it, a good friend.

Ryan Moran earned his way through college as an entrepreneur He is still at it, a good friend.

Kyle and Carson who own Wealthy Affiliate worked their ways through college as affiliate marketers.

Also did a friend named Ryan Moran who did the same thing, earning $500,00.00 while in college. (I have tried to get him to climb Mt. Moran in the Tetons but so far I have failed). He has gone on to bigger and better things like importing products and having Amazon sell them for him from their site.

Well, there are “no experience needed” jobs. Claim Yours!


Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones

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Just Do It!

FTC: Links to or other sites from pics or text that result in sales could lead to a small commission to me at no cost to you.


My young friend made $10,000.00 last month for the first time. He did it on the Internet. Learn how you can get started.

Made $10,000 In One Month

A friend of mine just made $10,000 in a single month. He did it by focusing on the Christmas season market. He recommended that we watch the following video.

Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones


You might have to turn down the sound volume on this video:

Two of My Granddaughters Earned More How to Knit Basic StitchesThan That

They sell strictly on the Internet. But they supply their own products. They are not affiliate marketers . There have about a dozen people working for the them. I helped my granddaughters sets set up their personal business sometime back. My wife taught then to knit when they were about 4 years old and they turned that into a business which is supporting their families while their husbands are in college.

My Son Is on His Second Online Business

He is a veterinarian but has a second business based online and offline. For a long time, he sold musical instruments online. He doesn’t have time to do that now so he sold that business. He sells herbs and such.

It Takes Time to Start an Online Business

A. good way to start an online business is to take an existing business and put it online. I have some good friends who had a business selling doll parts from their home. They put it online and their sales doubled immediately and increase thereafter dramatically. My son’s music business went the same way. He had an email list. We put up his website and he sent an email to his friends telling them about the site. That was it! Bingo!

You can start a business by going to and opening a store. That works for many people. I even have a store. It’s called MyStuffy.

A common way to start is by promoting other peoples products as taught at Wealthy Affiliate University where I have been a member for eight (8) years.

You Need to Learn the Ropes

Following lets you compare WA’s free and premium memberships. I suggest you start free and then convert to premium. By the annual premium membership to save half the cost (less than a college course that teaches you little about the real world of marketing on the Internet. Just Do It!



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Types of WA Accounts

Wealthy Affiliate Has Two Types of Accounts as Follows:

Paying Annually for the Premium Membership will save you about half. It also help you make the long-term commitment to start making money on the Internet. It will be several months before you gain much income.


(Note: The FTC requires me to tell you that some links in this site may result in me receiving a commission from a vendor. That hardly ever happens but I am grateful for any commissions that I may receive. John)

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SBA Loan Requirements

The Small Business Administration

The SBA supports small businesses. You might want to look at theirSBA 2 definitions of small businesses at

Some businesses are excluded from SBA loans. I have listed them here so that you can see if you are excluded. If you are not excluded, I have listed the SBA requirements for loans.

Excluded Businesses For SBA Business Loans

1. Financial businesses primarily engaged in the business of lending, such as banks, finance companies, payday lenders, some leasing companies and factors (pawn shops, although engaged in lending, may qualify in some circumstances)

2. Businesses owned by developers and landlords that do not actively use or occupy the assets acquired or improved with the loan proceeds (except when the property is leased to the business at zero profit for the property’s owners)

3. Life insurance companies

4. Businesses located in a foreign country (businesses in the U.S. owned by aliens may qualify)

5. Businesses engaged in pyramid sale distribution plans, where a participant’s primary incentive is based on the sales made by an ever-increasing number of participants

6. Businesses deriving more than one-third of gross annual revenue from legal gambling activities

7.Businesses engaged in any illegal activity

8. Private clubs and businesses that limit the number of memberships for reasons other than capacity

9. Government-owned entities

10. Businesses principally engaged in teaching, instructing, counseling or indoctrinating religion or religious beliefs, whether in a religious or secular setting

11. Consumer and marketing cooperatives (producer cooperatives are eligible)
12. Loan packagers earning more than one third of their gross annual revenue from packaging SBA loans

13. Businesses in which the lender or CDC, or any of its associates owns an equity interest
14. Businesses that present live performances of an indecent sexual nature or derive directly or indirectly more 2.5 percent of gross revenue through the sale of products or services, or the presentation of any depictions or displays, of an indecent sexual nature

14. Businesses primarily engaged in political or lobbying activities

15. Speculative businesses (such as oil exploration)

SBA Loan Requirements

Find That Niche Market

Let’s Take a Peek at the Requirements for an SBA Loan.

1. Operate for profit

2. Be small, as defined by SBA

3. Be engaged in, or propose to do business in, the United States or its possessions

4. Have reasonable invested equity

5. Use alternative financial resources, including personal assets, before seeking financial assistance

6. Be able to demonstrate a need for the loan proceeds

7. Use the funds for a sound business purpose

8. Not be delinquent on any existing debt obligations to the U.S. government

An SBA Loan Does Not Guarantee Success

I watched a company in Iowa go down the drain because of poor management. They had a good business model. But they didn’t know anything about people nor did they know how to handle people with the skills that they needed. Nobody wanted to work for them.

They also violated SBA rules in that they spent money on things that were not really related to the business. When they went bust, they told me that the only thing that worked on their business was a decal furnace that I designed and built for them.

All they really needed to do was to hire an experienced manager and let him run the manufacturing and of their business. The principles were great at selling but that is all they knew. If I have lived closer to their factory, I could have given them guidance that one of made them successful.

There Are More Than Loan Requirements for Business Success

You can see that the folks above had a great idea. They could increase their profits on products if they made them themselves rather than to outsource the product. They didn’t need the technical skills to make the product. They just thought they did or that they had them.

In reality what they needed was a business sense that would have allowed their workers who are experienced in the industry to do their thing. And as I said, if they had hired an experienced manager in their business, they would now be in Fat City.

Free Workshopsseminar

You can use SBA and other sources to help you get started in a new business. Local colleges and banks in chambers of commerce and other organizations sometimes sponsor workshops where you can learn about business. They are taught by retired businesspeople for the most part, people who know what they are doing.

The Business Plan

The small business workshops in your community will help you develop a business plan. However, you can go to the site and create your business plan right there. It won’t cost you one red cent.

Your business plan will be your guide for the future. He will be fine your approach to your business, describe your market, describe your manufacturing techniques, describe your business management approach. And there is more than that.

Should You Take out a Business Loan?

Some entrepreneurs who have made millions say that you should never take out a loan to start a business. Who wants a business that starts out in debt?

To them, your greatest asset is you.

Sweat equity, as it is called, the long hours that you have to put in to begin a business, is better than money.

As your business grows, you may borrow capital to expand your business if you have profits that are adequate to repay the loan quickly.

Seek Business Advice

A business plan carefully prepared and executed can bring business success.

A business plan carefully prepared and executed can bring business success.

There are people in your community that can help you in your business.

People who are in successful businesses are willing to talk to new business owners.

You may have friends that are accountants or bankers that can help you along your way. Your local bank can help you even if you are not applying for a loan.

You can learn to build an Internet business at WAU. (Note: This is a link to WAU. If you join other than the free membership, I will get a commission. FTC Regulations that I tell you this.)

Congratulations, new business owner!

You’re on your way!


John T. Jones, Ph.D.


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Best Way To Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

(Note: The FTC requires me to tell you that some links in this site may result in me receiving a commission from a vendor. That hardly ever happens but I am grateful for any commissions that I may receive. John)

WA1The Best Way

It happens that there is one best way to get into affiliate marketing. I will tell you up front that it is Wealthy Affiliate University.

The Worst Way

You will not get the training that you need from the gurus who suck you into their sales funnel by giving you a free course in marketing. Then they feed you one product after another until you are broke. Then you become very angry because you lost your money, money that you needed to help you in your new business. You are downhearted and you don’t want to start again.

That is the tragedy for too many folks who could become successful affiliate or product marketers.

GURU 04Gurus Are Deceptive Scam Artists

Nobody wants to be turned upside down to have the coins shaken out of their pockets. Many of these gurus really have very little.

Not His House and Car and He Is Not on the Beach


Anybody can get a picture of a house or a car and say they own it. Anybody can tell you that they are writing on their computer on a beach in Tahiti while making tons of money. Many of these guys are in rags and they are working at their computer night and day to try to make enough money to pay their bills.

And don’t believe that they learned the secret of success from a dying old man in the desert.

Fraud and Deception is Rampant on the Internet

This world is full of fraud and deception. You can check out any business by making a search on the Internet. Just put in the search bar, “the name of the guru or program and scam.” Now you have to be careful what you read even then because the scammers themselves right many of the articles that you see on the search engine listings.

Just don’t get taken in.

Free Information

There is some pretty good information on the Internet about marketing. Much of that information is free. In fact, that is where the gurus get their information so that they can take your money. They sell what is free on the Internet.

When the guru says that he made $36,402.16 in 24 hours, maybe he did. That is the sad fact. He made it by presenting a new offer from one of his buddies, also a guru or scammer, to his large mailing list.

His mailing list is where he makes his dough. But remember this: you can’t trust a guru who make such statements. He knows how to add names to his list and he will use any tactic whatsoever to get you on his list, even with outlandish claims to riches. He’ll even show you a chart with his income on it. But even charts can be faked.

studentYou Won’t Learn Internet Marketing at Your Local College

The gurus are not the only ones who do not give you useful information to begin a career in Internet marketing. Some college instructors teach a course on marketing on the Internet. However they are not’s experienced Internet marketers, they are teachers. So they don’t know the interstices of Internet marketing. They may be piddling around on the Internet, but they are probably not making money.

Books Can Be Worthless Too

There are many books on marketing on the Internet, many written by gurus. I have read a lot of these books on the different aspects of marketing on the Internet. Only one in 10 has any information that is useful. The gurus use books to catch suckers.

What about formal training in marketing? There are many textbooks on that. They can be useful too but the specifics that you need to earn money as an affiliate marketer are usually (never) not there.

Telephone Scams

One telephone scam that I get all the time  is someone claiming they work for telling me that I can make lots of money being an Amazon associate, that they will set me up a website, and put me in business.

I tell the caller that I have been an Amazon associate for many years. I try to tell them to take my name off of their call list, but they usually hang up by the time I can tell them. They don’t like it when I tell them that they do not represent Amazon.

Every time you leave your name and phone number on the Internet so that you can get a free course or e-book, you’re opening yourself up to these telemarketers. Telling an unsolicitied marketer that your name and phone number on the national do not call, list doesn’t work. They could care less. In the same telemarketing company will call you over and over again using a different telephone number, name and location, to full you, to trick you into answering the phone.

It just never stops!

Where To Learn Internet Marketing

On May 28, 2008 I joined two Canadians, who have been students in computer science and had earned their college expenses by being affiliate marketers. They now operate the premier Internet marketing training site in the world. Folks come from all over the world to learn Internet marketing from these two gentlemen. Their names are Kyle and Carson and they own and operate the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Like any university, wealthy affiliate charges tuition which is called a membership fee. There are two fee levels, Free membership and a Premium membership.

Since 2008, I have been a premium member. Surprisingly, it has not cost me one red cent. The reason is that Wealthy Affiliate has their own affiliate program where you can promote the site and receive commissions for those who join wealthy affiliate.

I have always joined annually. It saves me  money year after year. So I always recommend that folks join for a full year. The first reason is that it will cost you less. The second reason is that it takes time and patience and training to become a successful marketer on the Internet. If you join for a year, you will have made a commitment to success.

Some people don’t have a lot of money. The free membership can get them started and they can earn some money without spending any money at all. They receive two free websites and special training to get started. They also can join the affiliate program, however commissions are doubled when they become a Premium member.

The Best Way!

The best way to learn about wealthy affiliate is to CLICK HERE! You can also learn a lot more at Wealthy Affiliate by going to my sister site or reading the pages and post on this site.

But why not go to my Homepage at Wealthy Affiliate and start from there?

You can start right now!

When you get to the wealthy affiliate, my nickname there is tjbooks. You’ll see that I write there quite often, both post and tutorials. You will also find helpful start up information on my biography.


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How To Promote Website

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

Right now is a good time to promote from your website Valentines’ Day. Easter will soon follow, so get in there and start pitching.

Let’s talk about scheduling our work, posting blogs and pages, and using keywords and ads and PPC in terms of getting the word out.

The most important thing is to make sure your content is what folks are looking for. If you don’t have the right content for your niche, then why bother to advertise? Folks will still come to your site but they will leave in two seconds if they don’t find what they are after and you have wasted your money.

Do You Work a  Schedule?

Do You Work a Schedule?

Break Out Your Calendar

If you are an Internet marketer, you should be working from a schedule. Right now you should be promoting for Valentine’s Day and Easter. They will be followed by Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Although the holiday season is the most profitable time of the year, you should be thinking about what you can do every day of the year to bring in some income.

Holiday Promotions

To bring people to your website for holidays, you will be wanting to write the very best content that you can. This content must be related to what folks are looking for. If someone is looking for an engagement ring, he is not going to click on your site for carrots (probably not even for carats or karats).

Paid Ads

Paid ads are very rapid for bringing in traffic. The traffic is also very targeted. If you are careful with your keywords, you can bring buyers to your site instead of tire kickers.

The Keyword Tool

Use your keyword tool and check your keywords at Amazon and eBay and other online stores. Folks who go to the sites are looking to buy something and they use certain keywords. I always use the JAAXY Keyword Tool because it is designed for affiliate marketers and give accurate information.

Ads on Twitter and Facebook and such work, also Linkedin, can work for you if they have a good headline and keyword test that leads to your site.


Be careful with PPC. Stay away from Google Adwords to start, go to Bing Yahoo. Set an amount you will spend per day or watch your program keyword spending very carefully or it can put you in the poor house. You need training before you start PPC.

Social Marketing

Post your articles and blog posts to the social media sites. You, know: Twitter, Facebook. Linkedin, etc.


If you have commission affiliate links on your site, have a disclaimer as required by the FTC saying that you might get a commission. This post has affiliate links and if you click on them and then purchase something, I will get small commissions which I will greatly appreciate.


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Internet Home-based Business Opportunity of the Week: Planning for Next Year

Plan 1Planning for Next Year

Now that the marketing year is about over, it’s time to think about next year. What would you do next year to improve your results over this past year?

During this year, we laid down a record. That record, in print or just in your mind, is there to be analyzed. What was the total volume of business that you did last year and what was your return?

To determine your return you must take your gross income and subtract your expenses. That is your net income.

In our business, a major expense can be advertising. This includes ads on Facebook and Twitter and such and on the cost of pay per click (PPC).

The above methods, if properly used, can bring in targeted viewers, particularly those who are seeking to buy your products or services.

Members of my family and I sell products on the Internet. I am the only affiliate marketer. We have the cost of shipping products, manufacturing products and such. These are all part of Cost of Sales.

For this past year, we should look at (for each of our sites):Plan 3

1. Total number of visitors.

2. The number of longer-term visitors.

3. The number of visitors that clicked on your links.

4. The number of visitors who purchased a product.

5. The number of sales.

6. The gross sales in dollars.

7. The net sales in dollars.

8. The return on investment (ROI). (That is, how many dollars did you earn for every dollar you spent?)

Plan 2For next year we should plan how to:

1. Increase the number of visitors.

2. Increase the duration of visits.

3. Increase the number of clicks on links.

4. Increase the number of buyers.

Now I would like to make a few comments about what goes on:

Visitors will come to your sites if you have content that is relevant to what they are looking for. If your site is unique and informative, and there is a market for that information, then you will increase your number of visitors. The better your contents, the longer they will stay.

Your visitors are expecting you to be an expert in the field that you are working. Like a farmer, you are outstanding in your field. (Old Iowa joke.) If you own and use the products that you are describing, that is a plus. But at any rate, you will want to have testimonies on your site as to the value of what you’re promoting.

If you have your own products, then you must sell your products. However, if you are an affiliate marketer, your job is not to sell but to entice your reader to go to the vendor’s page. It is the vendor’s job to do the selling.

You need to focus on targeted advertising. PPC is a good way to obtain targeted traffic. In general, you are looking for buyers. You may be looking for a particular age group or people from a certain country or part of the world. These considerations can be placed, should be placed, in your PPC program.

The social sites sell advertising space at reasonable rates. However, it is up to you to point your advertising to the market you are after.

A niche market is a group of people with money in their pockets who are looking for something. That is a good thing to remember.

Good Luck for this next year!

Have a Happy New Year!


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Opportunity of the Week: Free Internet Marketing Course

business 2Free Internet Marketing Course Click Here!

Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate gives free training to no-tuition members? Yes, you can get excellent training from Kyle who is very experienced on marketing on the Internet and co-owner of WAU and it will cost you nothing. You will also be able to build two working websites at no charge for creation or hosting.

Nothing is cheaper than free!

Click Here!


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Opportunity of the Week: Let’s Play 20 Questions



banner WA Free Membership

Do you remember the game 20 Questions?

If you are as old as me (83 in January), you may remember the TV show.


When I was a kid we played 20 Questions. One kid would think up a person place or thing and we had to guess what it was by asking questions. The first question might be, “Is it animal?” That would eliminate vegetable and mineral.

The next question might be, “Is it smaller than a bread box?” That would help nail down the size. Pretty soon, 9 times out of 10, you would have the Answer. For example, if the answer was King Tut, he would be animal, larger than a breadbox, and dead (not living), A real person (not Micky Mouse). Not now living.

The SBA gives these 20 questions to ask yourself before you start a business:

So you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Now, ask yourself these 20 questions to make sure you’re thinking about the right key business decisions:

  1. Why am I starting a business?
  2. What kind of business do I want?
  3. Who is my ideal customer?
  4. What products or services will my business provide?
  5. Am I prepared to spend the time and money needed to get my business started?
  6. What differentiates my business idea and the products or services I will provide from others in the market?
  7. Where will my business be located?
  8. How many employees will I need?
  9. What types of suppliers do I need?
  10. How much money do I need to get started?
  11. Will I need to get a loan?
  12. How soon will it take before my products or services are available?
  13. How long do I have until I start making a profit?
  14. Who is my competition?
  15. How will I price my product compared to my competition?
  16. How will I set up the legal structure of my business?
  17. What taxes do I need to pay?
  18. What kind of insurance do I need?
  19. How will I manage my business?
  20. How will I advertise my business?

Of course, these questions need to be answered in your Business Plan. Go to SBA and make your business plan now. Now is the time to start, right?


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Business Opportunity of the Week December 1, 2014: Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal


The wealthy affiliate Black Friday membership deal ends at midnight today. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a one year membership for only $299. At the current monthly rate of $47, you save $265.

Another advantage for taking advantage of taking advantage of this offer is that you will be committed to marketing on the Internet. This dramatically increases your chance of success.

Wealthy affiliate will help you build your website using WordPress, the will host your websites at no cost, they will help you find a niche market, they will teach you how to reach that market and they will give you continual training to the WA tutorials and the live webinars given by Jay.

You will also be given training by members slightly through post and tutorials.

So come on in! The water’s fine! CLICK HERE!


Note: I am tjbooks at WAU.

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