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Best Way To Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

(Note: The FTC requires me to tell you that some links in this site may result in me receiving a commission from a vendor. That hardly ever happens but I am grateful for any commissions that I may receive. John)

WA1The Best Way

It happens that there is one best way to get into affiliate marketing. I will tell you up front that it is Wealthy Affiliate University.

The Worst Way

You will not get the training that you need from the gurus who suck you into their sales funnel by giving you a free course in marketing. Then they feed you one product after another until you are broke. Then you become very angry because you lost your money, money that you needed to help you in your new business. You are downhearted and you don’t want to start again.

That is the tragedy for too many folks who could become successful affiliate or product marketers.

GURU 04Gurus Are Deceptive Scam Artists

Nobody wants to be turned upside down to have the coins shaken out of their pockets. Many of these gurus really have very little.

Not His House and Car and He Is Not on the Beach


Anybody can get a picture of a house or a car and say they own it. Anybody can tell you that they are writing on their computer on a beach in Tahiti while making tons of money. Many of these guys are in rags and they are working at their computer night and day to try to make enough money to pay their bills.

And don’t believe that they learned the secret of success from a dying old man in the desert.

Fraud and Deception is Rampant on the Internet

This world is full of fraud and deception. You can check out any business by making a search on the Internet. Just put in the search bar, “the name of the guru or program and scam.” Now you have to be careful what you read even then because the scammers themselves right many of the articles that you see on the search engine listings.

Just don’t get taken in.

Free Information

There is some pretty good information on the Internet about marketing. Much of that information is free. In fact, that is where the gurus get their information so that they can take your money. They sell what is free on the Internet.

When the guru says that he made $36,402.16 in 24 hours, maybe he did. That is the sad fact. He made it by presenting a new offer from one of his buddies, also a guru or scammer, to his large mailing list.

His mailing list is where he makes his dough. But remember this: you can’t trust a guru who make such statements. He knows how to add names to his list and he will use any tactic whatsoever to get you on his list, even with outlandish claims to riches. He’ll even show you a chart with his income on it. But even charts can be faked.

studentYou Won’t Learn Internet Marketing at Your Local College

The gurus are not the only ones who do not give you useful information to begin a career in Internet marketing. Some college instructors teach a course on marketing on the Internet. However they are not’s experienced Internet marketers, they are teachers. So they don’t know the interstices of Internet marketing. They may be piddling around on the Internet, but they are probably not making money.

Books Can Be Worthless Too

There are many books on marketing on the Internet, many written by gurus. I have read a lot of these books on the different aspects of marketing on the Internet. Only one in 10 has any information that is useful. The gurus use books to catch suckers.

What about formal training in marketing? There are many textbooks on that. They can be useful too but the specifics that you need to earn money as an affiliate marketer are usually (never) not there.

Telephone Scams

One telephone scam that I get all the time  is someone claiming they work for telling me that I can make lots of money being an Amazon associate, that they will set me up a website, and put me in business.

I tell the caller that I have been an Amazon associate for many years. I try to tell them to take my name off of their call list, but they usually hang up by the time I can tell them. They don’t like it when I tell them that they do not represent Amazon.

Every time you leave your name and phone number on the Internet so that you can get a free course or e-book, you’re opening yourself up to these telemarketers. Telling an unsolicitied marketer that your name and phone number on the national do not call, list doesn’t work. They could care less. In the same telemarketing company will call you over and over again using a different telephone number, name and location, to full you, to trick you into answering the phone.

It just never stops!

Where To Learn Internet Marketing

On May 28, 2008 I joined two Canadians, who have been students in computer science and had earned their college expenses by being affiliate marketers. They now operate the premier Internet marketing training site in the world. Folks come from all over the world to learn Internet marketing from these two gentlemen. Their names are Kyle and Carson and they own and operate the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Like any university, wealthy affiliate charges tuition which is called a membership fee. There are two fee levels, Free membership and a Premium membership.

Since 2008, I have been a premium member. Surprisingly, it has not cost me one red cent. The reason is that Wealthy Affiliate has their own affiliate program where you can promote the site and receive commissions for those who join wealthy affiliate.

I have always joined annually. It saves me  money year after year. So I always recommend that folks join for a full year. The first reason is that it will cost you less. The second reason is that it takes time and patience and training to become a successful marketer on the Internet. If you join for a year, you will have made a commitment to success.

Some people don’t have a lot of money. The free membership can get them started and they can earn some money without spending any money at all. They receive two free websites and special training to get started. They also can join the affiliate program, however commissions are doubled when they become a Premium member.

The Best Way!

The best way to learn about wealthy affiliate is to CLICK HERE! You can also learn a lot more at Wealthy Affiliate by going to my sister site or reading the pages and post on this site.

But why not go to my Homepage at Wealthy Affiliate and start from there?

You can start right now!

When you get to the wealthy affiliate, my nickname there is tjbooks. You’ll see that I write there quite often, both post and tutorials. You will also find helpful start up information on my biography.


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Quick Start to Internet Marketing

work at homeWhen you start in Internet marketing, what you need is a free method so that you’re not draining your pockets into the pockets of some guru. You can tell the guru. He says,” I made $37,000 in 10 minutes.” Well, maybe he did by sending a new offer from one of his cronies to the many thousands of folks trapped in his sales funnel. All he had to do was send an e-mail with the fantastic new offer.

Don’t follow the gurus. They will turn you upside down and shake the coins out of your pockets.

When you spread your e-mail address around on the Internet, the gurus will bombard you with e-mails offering exciting new products that will make you rich. Actually they will make you poor.

You can get a quick start to Internet marketing, but that is not the end of it. It is the beginning of a new business that you must manage and promote like any other business. Many new Internet marketers fail to see this. But if you can not build up a business where people trust you because you are providing a good product or service, that you will have no traffic on your website from the buyers that you are looking for.

The Small Business Administration will provide you at no charge the information you need to start a business. But it will not be specific to the Internet. That takes special training.

toolboxIf you go to my IBTC tool box, you will find that Wealthy Affiliate University and Affilorama offer free training. Wealthy Affiliate University will also give you two free websites along with your free lifetime start up membership. Both of these organizations around by former college students that earned their college expenses by marketing on the Internet.

Give me a shout if you need help.


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Online Predator Watch

crookNew Online Predator Watch.

There are so many scams on the Internet. Some look innocent enough but they are dangerous.

Never give anyone personal information or financial information over the Internet or by telephone or even by mail. The predators are there to get you.

The scams come in many forms by email, web search, mail and telephone. You must watch your Ps and Qs.

Some scams come from Nigeria or Canada or the Caribbean. Watch out! If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. Don’t get taken in.

Always check out Internet deals. Search for “Name of Program Scam” and make sure that you don’t click on a link to the crook himself telling you that the program is safe. No, click on the links to reliable anti-scam sites.

So read the article and let me know about your experience.


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