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Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Introductionbusiness 1

Affiliate marketing has today becomes one of the most popular ways of advertising products and earning money. When you become an affiliate for a brand or a company, you can become your own boss, schedule your routine and work hours the way you want. All you need to do is attract traffic to your website where users can find information and buy the product you are marketing. This is a comparatively easier way to make huge amounts of money since it does not require you to do a 9 to 5 job. In order to market products successful, you need the best affiliate marketing training available online.

Proper Training Required

You do not need to be an internet marketing expert to make if big in affiliate marketing. All you need to succeed in affiliate marketing is proper training that will provide you all the tips and tricks you need to apply to turn all the traffic on your affiliate site into conversions.

The Absolutely Best Online Training is at Wealthy Affiliate

I suggest you start out at Wealthy Affiliate using the free membership program. Then you will be on the right foot, can proceed at your own pace, and decide if marketing on the Internet is really what you want to do.


What It Takes to Succeed

Creating an affiliate site is not about about making an informative site detailing the characteristics of the product. As an affiliate you are supposed to provide more information that is tangible, such as promoting those products that have a high degree of tangibility for the consumer. Since digital products, such as software, online games, movies, do not arouse suspicion and can get hold of the product instantly.

There are numerous training programs providing promising courses in affiliate marketing all over the internet. ClickBank offers free tutorials for everyone wishing to be an affiliate marketer for digital products only.
When searching for a product you would like to market, always look for products that offer you an edge, like more profit, both for you and the customer since this is the first thing that would attract the customer to your website and buy the product through your affiliate.

Walking in Another Person’s Shoes

The secret to affiliate marketing is to put yourself in the shoes of the consumers, and try your best to answer what your site will offer them. If you just keep up with providing informative content about a certain product or services, it will not be able to work in the long run, in fact it will not bring you any higher conversions either. The traffic will only turn to conversion when your affiliate website offers something more than the usual information, such as discount cards, promo codes, etc.


Clickbank is the not the only digital marketplace where you can buy and promote affiliate products. ClickBank offers the best affiliate marketing training program providing newbies like you to choose the right niche and viable strategies and tips to get started with your affiliate site and all the secrets of making it more profitable for you.

The training includes tricks on how to grow your audience in a short time period and get consistent traffic to your affiliate site. It does not matter what product or niche you pick, the training will help you build your affiliate site and have everything that would get you more audience.

But You Will Need More Than Clickbank to Succeed

Clickbank offers lots of digital product to promote. But what about other products, real products that come in a box? Then you need an affiliate network like

You can also ty in with corporations that will drop ship to your customers. I’m not talking about the drop ship scams on the Internet. I’m talking about you becoming a distributor.

You Also Need the Nitty Gritty

Also, the nitty gritty of training is provided at Wealthy Affiliate where you can start at no cost until you feel you need to get deeper into the subject. I will soon be beginning my ninth 9th year at Wealthy Affiliate University.


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How to Make Money At Home Online

Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones

WA1Why do people want to know how to make money at home online?

You know the answer to that question. It is because:

● Inflation is destroying the value of our money.

● The government is keeping interest rates low which means that we do not earn interest on our savings if we keep them in a bank. (Keeping savings under the mattress doesn’t pay interest either.)

● Investments are shaky, such as stocks and bonds, because our government is shaky, always stirring things up in the world and although they say that the Congress of the United States is doing nothing, they are spending like crazy. Billions are being spent and we don’t know what the hell they are being spent on. Actually, the government is bankrupt.

● The cost of education have skyrocketed and there is little hope for lower education cost in the future. This has placed thousands of people trying to get a start in life in debt.

● Jobs have been lost and wages have stagnated. People who who are returning to the workforce after having been, as they say in England, made redundant, are receiving lower wages in the new jobs.

● Medical costs are completely out of sight and there is little hope that we will see a reduction there because it is driven by technology and technology is expensive.

So people want to work from home.

work at homeThere are a number of advantages for working at home:

1. You are your own boss.

2. You set your own income.

3. You create your own business.

4. You don’t need business clothing.

5. You don’t need transportation for work.

6. You can explore your own talents and abilities and skills.

7. You set your own hours.

8. You can tend children while working.

9. You can expand your home job to a full-time job and not have to depend on others for your livelihood.

10. You can earn that extra money you need for essentials or pleasures.

11. Some folks are working two or even three extra jobs. This increases the expense of working. Transportation and meals and clothing all add to the costs of employment.

I’m sure that you could give me other reasons for this problem, not having enough income to pay for the essentials of life nor the pleasures of life.

There are a number of ways to make money at home. But most of us think about the Internet. The Internet is huge. The United States comes in about third when counting the number of Internet users across our globe. People shop on the Internet and every year billions of dollars worth of goods are sold. The World is your Market.

Also services can be promoted on the Internet. That allows you to pursue your special skills. There is a tremendous market there too.

The Internet is a great way to expand an existing business, such as a storefront business. It is also a way to create a business from your special talents and skills of education. It is a way to create a business from your passions.

Another reason for using the Internet is that the cost is low. There are some cost involved but they are less than for other businesses. The reason is that you are able to reach out to your customers more easily. Also you can promote other people’s products and have them process the orders and the shipping and the customer relations. Some do this as affiliate marketers.

Note: To improve my marketing skills, I joined Wealthy Affiliate some years ago. That is a great place to learn how to market on the Internet.

work at homeHere Are Some Ways on How to Make Money at Home Online:

A. Take an existing business online:

Some years back some friends of mine had a little store where they sold doll parts. They decided to take the store online. They had a mailing list and they told their customers about their new website. Sales immediately jumped about four times.

My son sold flutes online after I showed him how to build a website. He also had a mailing list and his sales jumps like crazy. He recently sold that business. He has a new business now selling herbs and training on herbs. He gives lectures around Utah and Idaho, sells his new herb book which he has listed on Amazon, and he sells other people’s books too. He is very busy and I thing that he is going to have to hire another veterinarian for his core business.

B. Sell Your Own Stuff:

My granddaughters sell stuff online, stuff that they make with their own hands. They make wigs and hats for babies. I just watched them go through the Halloween season. They had their husbands, their families, and even their in-laws making hats and wigs. They also had to hire a dozen other workers to try to meet the orders.

The bottom line was that they could not fill all the orders and they had to put limits on their website. This was even after careful planning based on last year’s sales. Now they have Christmas coming. What do you think will happen next?

If you are a painter or have other artistic skills, you can sell them on the Internet. I have a few of my paintings listed on my Etsy site.

I just wrote another Western novel and I have that upon Amazon for those who read books on tablets.

C. Sell Stuff You Buy at Yard Sales:

Over the years, my wife and I liked to go to yard sales and we bought a lot of stuff. Now I’m trying to reduce the amount of stuff that I have. I gave several truckloads away to Deseret Industries.

Some stuff I didn’t want to give away because I was afraid it would get broken. That’s when my granddaughter set up an Etsy site for me and listed a lot of my products.

You can sell such things, including books, at or

I also had a book business and I sold thousands of books on the Internet through Sometime back I wrote a little book on how to do this.

D. Promote Other People’s Products:

I sold hundreds of flagpoles years website that I designed for that purpose. I simply took orders and my supplier shipped the product to the customer.

This is called drop shipping and there are many of companies, probably some in your state, who will drop ship products to your customers.

I also sold thousands of books this way. started affiliate marketing years ago, theirs was the first affiliate marketing program. They have many thousands of affiliates to promote their products and Amazon processes the orders, ships product and handles customer relations.

I’m an affiliate of Amazon and I promote their products, especially right now during the holiday season.

But there are many affiliate networks such as where you can find products to promote.

Also has many products that you can promote and they will handle sales and customers relations. I promote click bank products.

The key to selling or promoting people’s products is to make sure that you know the product, that the product is of good quality, and in the case where you are sending potential customers to the vendors sales site, that the vendor knows how to sell his products. The vendor site with a video on it is preferred because you can lead people to watch that video.

writer 3There are other ways to make money at home.

For example, if you are an accountant, you can do people’s taxes at home or you can handle their accounts.

I am an engineer, now too old work in that field, who ran a consulting business from home for a number of years. I did some consulting in South America and I traveled for the State Department too.

My cousin’s husband worked for my father, but he also had a chiropractic business which he worked from an office in his home.

Some doctors that I have known, and work from their home.

Stenographers can also work from their home.

I’m not sure that some telemarketers don’t work from their home.

At least those in Multilevel Marketing, MLM, work from their homes. I do a little bit of this.

In Conclusion:

I hope I have shown you how to make money at home online or offline. I’m in my eighties but I still promote and sale online. I have been retired for 20 years so I like to earn some money on the side. My wife is ill and had a full-time care-giver so my money flies away fast because there are cost beyond what my long-term-care insurance company pays.



Anyway, I like to get out of here once in a while. Last year it was Alaska. Next year, Costa Rica. I like to fish and look at birds and other wildlife.




I am tjbooks at WA. Hope to see you there.

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Opportunity of the Week September 29, 2014 Affilorama Jet Pack

IHBBMark Ling has prepared a new Jet Pack available tomorrow, maybe now, which is supposed to help you  earn about 10 Grand a month. Now I have is seven (7) acres of ranch land right out of Los Vegas that I will sell you for  song for only $700 per acre which will soon be grabbed up with BIG PROFITS to you as Las Vegas continues to grow.

Mark Ling

Mark Ling

Actually, Mark Ling is a reputable guy. You may as well grab the free stuff he offers: Click Here!

When Mark Ling was a university student in New Zealand, he saw a banner ad on a friends computer that was bringing the guy $50 a month. Mark ask if he could try it and he did. Sure enough, he made $50 so he create more sites doing the same. Then, because of all the writing required, he hired English majors to write for him. He rented an old house and he had his company.

His father was amazed. Mark was making more money than he was as a government statistician. So Mark set him up on the Internet.

Mark always has had a ton of good free material on his site, valuable stuff for Internet Marketers.

seminarSo, take a look at his Free Offer and the Free Seminar too. Click Here Now!

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New Article at EzineArticles: Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones

I wrote a new article for Click Here to read it! So many folks get taken in by the gurus that I’m trying to do something about it. If new Internet entrepreneurs would realize that the get-rich-schemes of the gurus don’t work, they would be on a much better footing.

My point in the article is that Affiliate marketing is a business and must be treated as a business. Also, there are things to learn that are different from a storefront business.

So, I’m on a  crusade! Down with gurus! Up with decent training!


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IBTC Tool Box

toolboxI’ve added a tool box to Internet Business Tool Center. It is aimed at affiliate marketing but it may help you in your business start up. There are links to a number of educational sources to backup the tools.

For an Internet business startup try not to get too wrapped up in technology. You don’t need to be able to program, use HTML and such. Stick to those things that bring customers to your website.

Find a small market of buyers (niche) and provide good information to them, information that helps them solve problems.

Let me know if I can help.


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Ultimate Tiny MCE Plugin

work at homeThe Ultimate Tiny MCE plugin will make your life easy writing posts and pages. You can add many editing features to your editor that will let you change page color, text color, draw horizontal lines, anchor text and many other features. For example:

Background Color adds color as you can see.

Text Color colors your text.

Horizontal Line (see Below)

You can also format test such as Major Heading.

Got the idea. Just install the plugin and activate it. When the settings box comes up put the icons on the first or second or third line of your article.

Have Fun!


Internet Business Tool Center

Training for the Plugin

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Work at Home Opportunities

RICH WOMAN 01Special Offers to Help You Make Money!

Work From Home Taking Surveys Corporations Will Pay You For Your Opinion. Fill Out Surveys. Get Paid. Simple as That. Click Here!

Upload Videos to YouTube And Cash There are multi-million dollar companies that want to spread their promotional videos on YouTube, DailyMotion, and other popular video sites. You can make serious cash simply uploading these companies’ videos to YouTube. Check it out. CLICK HERE!

Blogging With John Chow – 40k a Month! John Chow Went From Making Pennies To $40k a Month Blogging. Discover Exactly How This Super Blogger Did It. 


The Complete Internet Marketing System — Shoe-In MoneyThe Shoe-In Money Blueprint System is an all-inclusive authority to Internet marketing. Its contents include multiple videos, real-life case studies, a complete PDF guide and testimonials. Great Program! Click Here!

Earn Up To $300 Dollars Minimum Per Month This Product Is For Anybody That Needs A Guide For Making A Consistent Monthly Income Online. Become An Internet Landord! 60-Day Money Back Gau1rantee! Click Here Please!

Make Money WhileYou’re On Vacation The Legendary Peng Joon and John Chow Have Put Together A System That Will Enable You To Work From No Home And Make Money While You’re Vacationing Around The World. Watch Full Video.category: make-money Click Here!

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