Getting Started in an Internet Business

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We are interested here in getting into an Internet business using our computer and work at home or in a dorm room or where ever we can take our computer with us. We are not interested in paying some guru many hundreds of dollars making us think that we are in for instant success. The Internet does not work that way. Business is business and that is the first thing to remember.

Now tell me this: If you opened a shop or cafe or such in your home town, would your business blossom over night?

Probably not. You would have to build up a clientele, a customer base. You would have to advertise in the local paper. You might run some TV ads. You might have the local newspaper slip a flyer into the morning paper enticing customers to come in. You might have a coupon to help them make up their mind. It is not different with Internet marketing.

Most Internet marketing is niche marketing. That means that you are trying to sell to a special group of people. An example would not be stamp collectors but rather collectors of stamps issued by the  Original Thirteen Colonies. Stamp collectors would be too broad.

When you walk down the mall you are headed for a major store called an anchor store. But as you walk down the mall aisles you look in the windows of specialty shops. You also have to walk around the kiosk selling cell phone covers or sun glasses. These small stores are trying to pull niche customers out of the main stream of customers, customers who are eager to buy something special if and when they see it.

So, that in a way is how marketing on the Internet works. Many Internet marketers are what we call affiliate marketers. Most of us don’t have our own products to sell on the Internet. If we do, we are in Fat City. So we sell other people’s stuff.

Now to sell other peoples stuff, we need some training. But before we get into that, I would like you to watch my Video on the Success Steps to Internet Marketing. It will take about five minutes of your time but you may want to refer back to it again:

No Cost Training

You can learn the basics of Internet Marketing even though you have no money for training. Don’t get suckered in my gurus by their rags to riches BS. Their get rich schemes are often bogus. Here are some ways to learn how to do Internet Marketing, specifically affiliate marketing:

Amazon is the oldest affiliate program and the largest. Take the tour and learn from them at no charge. As large as they are, they will answer your emails and help you along. So that is a good place to start.

Besides, you will be interested in a niche market. If you study the Amazon Categories you will find many niches. Another way to find niches is to go to DMOZ or Ebay. And you probably have a passion of your own that can be turned into a profitable niche.

You should join free, the Amazon affiliate program. Then go to their link page and see how to pick individual products and how to create your own Astores where you can send the members of the niche you serve. Look at one of my stores:


ClickBank is another great place to learn affiliate marketing. Go there and look at all of their categories. Join free using a short I.D. name to get your links. Study their teaching materials. Study the marketplace. See if any of their digital products fit into your niche. Chose a few with a Gravity over 30, a commission over $20.00 and %Sales by affiliates over 70.

When you look at the sites ask yourself, “Would I buy this product after reading this sales pitch? The reason I say that is that affiliate marketers DO NOT SELL. That may surprise you, but affiliate marketers provide good and relevant information to their niche. They may mention a product, hoping the reader will click on the affiliate link. That sales page must be convincing for those who do click or you will not get a commission.

I would start there for now. You can only do one thing at a time and with Amazon and ClickBank you are in business if you want to be.

Wealthy Affiliate University

I suggest that you go to Wealthy Affiliate and take the FREE Lifetime Membership. Study the 30-Day Start-up Plan and join in the forum of many successful marketers including Kyle and Carson and Jay, people who know what they are doing.

At Wealthy Affiliate, look at my page (tjbooks) and my tutorials. With your FREE lifetime membership, you will be able to learn one heck of a lot. You will have TWO FREE websites and be able to earn enough to pay the annual Premium Membership fee later AFTER you have earned the money to do it. You will probably be able to talk to me on the Open Chat too. So maybe I will see you there. I hope so.


Also, I suggest that you go to Affilorama and join the free membership program. You will find some excellent videos and tutorials on affiliate marketing by Mark Ling from New Zealand. You can join his affiliate program too. You will learn one heck of a lot there and it won’t cost you one red cent.

Kyle and Carson and Mark Ling and Ryan Moran and many others earned their college expenses by marketing on the Internet. It is a great job of a student because of the time constraints that all college students have.

Ryan Moran made over $500,000.00 in college and Mark Ling had a bunch of fellow students writing content for his many websites.

These guys are very smart but you don’t need to be a genius to market on the Internet, you just have to be trained and then you need to treat your startup as a business for that is what it is.

So, I think we have a GO here!


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

Internet Business Tool Center

P.S. We haven’t mentioned how to use a keyword tool but the best one for affiliate marketing is JAAXY. You should take a look at it for no cost. There are several good free tools not specific to affiliate marketing. The most popular is the Google External Keyword tool.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Started in an Internet Business”

  1. Hello John,

    I’ve watched your video and have read some of your articles and am impressed with your honesty and integrity.

    Last year my wife had to stop working due to illness and on top of that my business has slowed. I decided to give affiliate marketing a try and I have to tell you that I feel like I’ve been wasting my time . When I see the ‘gurus’ talking about haw to make a lot of money, of course I am very careful not to take the bait but I also wonder how those college students that you mentioned are able to make such good money. In any event, I hope that I can learn more from people like you who appear to be sincere about helping others.
    All the best,
    Shaun Taylor

    1. One Student is Ryan Moran. He got in at the right time and became the top affiliate in a number of programs including the drop shop programs I have on this site. He also set up a lot of mini sites that pointed to ClickBank products. He gathered names so that he could sell to his list. Ryan is a genius and continues to outperform others. He is now coupling with Travis selling the Blue Collar method which is just a build a small site, collect names, and advertise the site on newsletters which charge only a small free. The other two I know who paid their way through college, not as a pair but as individuals, are Carson and Kyle who mainly used Pay-Per-Click. Ryan uses PPC but mainly to see if the market is really there.

      I think the best idea is to use Blue Collar (Travis with Ryan) and to buy space on newsletters.

      I’m 80 years old so I’m more concerned about my wife who has ALZ than making money on the Internet, but I can’t stop trying. I’m a member of WAU and have been for over 4 years. It cost me nothing as I earn enough from their programs to pay for my membership and I get the free hosting. But I think if I were trying to earn without spending, I would just use the free information on Mark Ling’s site and other sites on the Internet. The advantage of WAU is that you have the OEP and chat with members but there are free forums too.

      Sorry you are not doing well. I know the feeling. Google has hurt all of us. I have one site that was very good that now gets no Google traffic and it is a dealership, not an affiliate site. I don’t blame google but they hate everybody. Every time I look for info there, I get that crap with rotten answers. But for some reason, Google loves them.

      You can email me at at any time.


    2. I think and know that they don’t rely completely on article marketing. They used PPC and they bought ads on other peoples list and ezines. You get the idea that article writing is the way to go when you start out. Well, the articles sites make the dough more than most marketers. John

    3. The students I know that made their college expanses are Ryan Moran and Kyle and Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Another is Mark Ling of New Zealand. One method they used was creating review sites, still a good method. They also used PPC at times if they could find a profitable keyword. That was before Google became impossible to work with. Ling hired writers to put the relevant information on his many sites. His writes were fellow university students majoring in English. Ryan graduated a about two years ago and he is now what I call a guru. He is in other businesses and I’m trying to get him to focus less on the Internet and more into more conventional businesses. He has one restaurant and I’m sure he will make it a chain. He loves real estate and is expanding in that area. But I’ve told him to climb Mt. Moran, his mountain in Wyoming, and to find his destiny which I believe will be like GE. He has that fantastic potential. These men all have that drive that would make them successful in any field whatsoever. I’m glad to be associated with them. Thank you for your comment. John

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