I Need A Job!

Thousands are out of work. Many have lost their retirement savings. College graduates can’t find a decent paying job. People are saying they never will be able to retire. What is the solution? It means taking control of your own time and talents and making them work for you. Watch the Video:


Advantages of Being Self-employed and/or Working at Home

There are many advantages of working at home or starting your own business out of the home. Watch the Video:


Rich Dad Poor Dad is a good guide to tell you how to gain and manage your assets. Getting Starting Assets could be another thing. When I was a kid, my friend, Paul  showed me how to make money in a business which was:

1. Walk along the rode and gather up bottles.

2. Take bottles to grocer and collect the deposit.

3. Take your newly-found working capital the local junk yard and buy bottles for one penny less than the deposit.

4. Take bottles to the grocer and collect the deposit.

5. Repeat until the grocer says, “No More Bottles!”

I know folks who have gotten in an Internet Business or MLM by doing just about what we did as kids. By hook or crook they gained the start-up money they needed.

If you look at the top right column of this page you will see two Widgets. The first of these is Revvnrg and the other is Wealthy Affiliate. The first takes an investment of about $30 to get going and the second is free. What you do with such opportunities is up to you. But if you  think you can’t do it, you probably can’t.

I’m not saying these are the right opportunities for you. I am saying that if you look carefully, you can find opportunities to put you in business and to control your own future. It takes an optimistic attitude to get started in a new business. But there is help. Don’t be afraid to talk to bankers, business men and women, even the librarian. There is plenty of training available so visit your local Chamber of Commerce to see what they are. All forms of government and educational programs have some sort of free training to help you get in business. Just look around, find your realm, get help, and move on.

You Can Do It!


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

Buhl, ID

P.S. Need help? Email me! tjbooks@yahoo.com

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