Jobs Convicted Felons

If you were convicted of a crime, guilty or not, it can be hard to gain decent employment.

Now, I don’t claim to know how hard it is, but I do know it is hard.

You go for an interview and you are either rejected quickly or you are offered some menial job with no real responsibility. Now some companies hire people who have been in prison and they do give them decent employment.

One company I worked for hired folks who had been in prison. We had an ex FBI agent who decided the issue. One employee that worked form was actually a scape goat in a  bank swindle. The FBI agent told me it is common in the mid-west for a banker to give a job to his son-in-law and then make him the scapegoat in a swindle.

No matter what your situation, you can work on the Internet. The Internet is impersonal and does not ask questions so you can start your own website and start earning money. That is if you know how.

Here is what I suggest:

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