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My young friend made $10,000.00 last month for the first time. He did it on the Internet. Learn how you can get started.

Made $10,000 In One Month

A friend of mine just made $10,000 in a single month. He did it by focusing on the Christmas season market. He recommended that we watch the following video.

Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones


You might have to turn down the sound volume on this video:

Two of My Granddaughters Earned More How to Knit Basic StitchesThan That

They sell strictly on the Internet. But they supply their own products. They are not affiliate marketers . There have about a dozen people working for the them. I helped my granddaughters sets set up their personal business sometime back. My wife taught then to knit when they were about 4 years old and they turned that into a business which is supporting their families while their husbands are in college.

My Son Is on His Second Online Business

He is a veterinarian but has a second business based online and offline. For a long time, he sold musical instruments online. He doesn’t have time to do that now so he sold that business. He sells herbs and such.

It Takes Time to Start an Online Business

A. good way to start an online business is to take an existing business and put it online. I have some good friends who had a business selling doll parts from their home. They put it online and their sales doubled immediately and increase thereafter dramatically. My son’s music business went the same way. He had an email list. We put up his website and he sent an email to his friends telling them about the site. That was it! Bingo!

You can start a business by going to Etsy.com and opening a store. That works for many people. I even have a store. It’s called MyStuffy.

A common way to start is by promoting other peoples products as taught at Wealthy Affiliate University where I have been a member for eight (8) years.

You Need to Learn the Ropes

Following lets you compare WA’s free and premium memberships. I suggest you start free and then convert to premium. By the annual premium membership to save half the cost (less than a college course that teaches you little about the real world of marketing on the Internet. Just Do It!



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