Is your website are oblivious to those searching on the Internet? That is true of so many sites, often sites that have quality content, that may as well be buried at the bottom of the ocean. These sites have so little traffic that they have no SEO ranking. This is a major problem, so I commissioned Kathryn Wilmot to prepare a book on the subject: HOW TO ATTRACT TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE, for which book I served as Editor.

Two main subjects of this book are SEO and social network marketing. Kathryn Wilmot is a professional writer who is active on the Internet. She knows the nitty-gritty of SEO and social marketing and provides the details. I am not an expert in these areas, so I called upon her expertise. It’s not that I am a complete novice but I don’t have the depth that she does.

Now, let's see: Why isn't anyone seeing my stuff?

Now, let’s see: Why isn’t anyone seeing my stuff?

If your website provides viable information to people who are seeking that exact information, it’s a shame that no one is visiting your site. If you are trying to earn, there will be no income if you have no traffic.

It is important to know where your traffic is coming from but you need traffic too.

You will learn how to generate traffic and to evaluate it.

Your keyword marketing will blossom if you use the information in: HOW TO ATTRACT TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.


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