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Ways to Start An Internet Business

There are several ways to get started if you want to start Internet business operations:

1. You have an existing business and you want to move it to the Internet.

2. You have created your own products are you have access to products that you can provide or have others provide for you such as drop shipping.

3. You want to increase your income, perhaps get out of your 9 to 5 job, and you want a fresh start on the Internet.

4. You have a hobby or special interest that you are passionate about and you want to share it with the world.

Some Examples:

The Book Salesman

This Story Has Two Parts

First Part

Representing an Entrepreneur: Tyler Hicks, an old friend of mine in New York State, has written many success books. I sold his books for a number of years. I went to BizLand and put my domain on their server. I needed a cart and they provided the software. They also had a very inexpensive program to gain traffic on the site, and essential for profit. I moved my inventory list onto this site and people could use the software to make their purchases. Bizland is still in service today and I recommend it to those who have this kind of operation. The reason is, that there is no training involved and the cost is very low.

I had some friends here in the doll parts business. They had a mailing list which they were servicing but they wanted to get on the Internet. I’m not sure who their provider was, but the Bizland set up would be ideal for such an operation. (They more than doubled their business almost over night.

Second Part

After a tired to Payson, Arizona some years back, I picked up books at a yard sale being operated by the Boy Scouts. I purchased birds of New Mexico for $.50. I sold it for $150 a few days later. So I started to buy books as low as $.10 on the dollar. I soon had a sufficient collection that I could go to Alibris and set up my Internet store at no charge. All this is a good way to go if you are a bookseller. I also used to sell on Amazon, but now so many people are just selling books for the cost of shipping, I no longer do that. I no longer sell on Alibris because I left my books in Arizona when I moved to Idaho.

Baby Stuff

Two of my granddaughters design and make hats and mask for children. They have about a dozen employees. They sell them on Etsy, a good place to sell old stuff that you create yourself. They also have a website which they are not presently using because it is under development. (Two new babies are getting in the way of such progress.)

One of my granddaughters has husband and wife partners and they import a special material from China from which they make baby changing, play, high chair and picnic mats. They sell from their own website and to a number of distributors. She is starting another business where she is sole owner as we Jones’ is are very independent. She is one-third owner.


My Wealthy Affiliate friend ,Veronica (, is from Sweden. She started Internet marketing to be home with her children. She has focused on children and their problems and other topics in that area. She is an Amazon affiliate and earns enough money to stay home with her children and to visit her homeland and family in Sweden several times a year.

Flutes and Whistles

My veterinarian son had a side business and hobby of flutes and whistles for which she had an email list. Some years ago he asked me to build a website for that business which he improved over the years and then sold the business ( because he had started a new business as described in the next topic.

Herbs and Stuff

My Son took a great interest in herbs. He grows herbs and makes tinctures from them. He lectures on herbs in the western part of the United States and he sells training and books and herbs and tinctures on his website ( With his veterinarian business, he is a very busy man. You can go over there and grab a copy of the book that he wrote to learn a little more about herbs.

Let’s Juggle

Some years ago, I learned of a young man that you had a hobby of juggling. An Internet company build him a business website where he sold balls and clubs and books and such to people who like to juggle. My Number 2 Son, an anesthesiologist, has juggled since he was a kid. He has another hobby of ventriloquism, both of which he has used to entertain sick children. I have done a little juggling myself. I’m up to one ball. Juggling one club will have to come later. (I’m not sure when that will be since I am 85 years old.)


My friend, Dom (, whom I met on Wealthy Affiliate, builds money-making websites for folks.

Dom lived in Taiwan for many years and recently moved back to the United States with his new bride. He had a joint wedding in Hawaii with another Wealthy Affiliate member, Steve ( who focuses on work-at-home opportunities and scams.


Now you can see that many successful Internet marketers and site builders have focused on their passions. They are successful because they have the drive that keeps them working towards their ultimate goals.

Just finding a niche market is not enough. You have to be emerged into that market, loved the market, and love helping others to enjoy the niche.

There are a number of general markets that contain good niche markets:

1. Making Money

Too many new marketers try to enter this market which is a very competitive.

2. Relationships

This market includes dating divorce marriage friendships and such.

3. Expensive Hobbies

Golf is a major market but not a niche. Indoor golf is.

4. Health and Beauty

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Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones

FTC: If you purchase from a site after using one of my links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. John

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