Keys to Affiliate Marketing: There is No Free Lunch

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There Is No Free Lunch

There are tons of get-rich-quick on the Internet. The gurus put them out by the thousands saying you can be rich in a week if not within a few hours. Well, some of them get rich by reaching into your pockets, bleeding you dry, keeping you from success.

The guru tell you a sob story about how he (or she) was down and out, his wife left with the kids because they were starving to death. Then one day while deciding to commit suicide in the desert he met an old geezer that told him the secret of live. He returned home, started a multimillion business, got his wife and kids back, and now he wants to share that secret with you and a few others to help them and YOU on your way.

Well, I will share a secret too. Only a business-like approach will lead you to success working at home. It means that you must learn your business and then operate it in an efficient manner according to business practices. Forget about getting rich quick. Think about building your business and gaining wealth over time. You can start free with

Amazon is another good place to start.

Picking Products at ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the premier affiliate networks used by thousands of affiliate marketers, some making large amounts of money. However, most successful affiliate marketers like to dig up affiliate programs beyond ClickBank. But still it is a way to get started.

The way to operate with ClickBank is to identify your expertise and your passions. You need expertise to show that you you know what you are talking about so that you can establish yourself as an expert. You need passion to promote your products.

Once you have decided what you want to promote according to your passions and knowledge, you now select the area that is best suited for you. Good ones are Relationships, Wealth, and Health. However narrow niches can be good too.

Go to ClickBank and click on Promote Products. Click on Sign Up. Sign up. Now go to the Marketplace.

How to Find Products to Promote

1. Browse Categories on the left.

2. Use the Find Products box above to search by keyword.

To view the vendor’s Pitch Page, click the listing title. Stats show you how much you can earn for referred sales. Click Promote to create a HopLink and start referring sales!

Keys to Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose a an Area of Passion and Expertise

2. Choose an affiliate product or related products.

3. Learn the benefits of each product. (A product being “red” in color is not a benefit. A product that helps reduce your weight is a benefit.)

4. Write relevant content that gives knowledge of the area you have selected. If weight loss is the topic, then write about how to lose weight, how to avoid health risks, the value of exercise.

5. Create a website. Add your content to the site. At the end of your content, you now can recommend a product by simply referring to your affiliate link. Do not try to sell the product. Your vendor will do that when your reader gets to his pitch page. You are a giver of knowledge, an expert, who only wants to warm the reader up to the point that he or she will click on your affiliate link.

6. Good marketers tell the truth. But as a real estate agent once told me, you can not sell bad points. But mentioning them is appropriate to enhance your credibility.

7. Place a link on your website to collect email addresses. You will probably have to give something away like an eBook. Keep sending information to your email addresses and keep updating your site.

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