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It's The Law! The FTC wants you to know that some links lead to commissions for me. That's why we are here, isn't it? I appreciate all commissions that I receive.

Wealthy Affiliate is the premier training site for Internet marketing.

Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones

Although it focuses on affiliate marketing, the principles apply in general. Wealthy Affiliate offers:

1. Special Startup Lessons for new marketers

2. Training how how to build and operate a web business and build a website.

3. Tutorials specific to various web marketing operations.

4. Tutorials written by members.

5. Blog post from members on marketing and other stuff not related at all to marketing.

6. Live chat to talk to members and the site owners.

7. Free hosting of websites.

8. An affiliate program for members.

9. A profile page for each member.

10. Tools for marketing operations including a keyword tool.

11. WordPress to make building a website a cinch.

12. Answers to questions from members by other members and the owners.

13. Special video training live each week from Jay, a key trainer.

14. Identification of markets and how to find them.

15. Writing tools.

16. Keyword Lists

In my over eight (8) years at Wealthy Affiliate, I have never paid one red cent. The reason is that I have earned more than enough from their WA Affiliate Program to pay my annual tuition. Now you have a chance to join WA at a much reduced rate.

Also, WA has added JAAXY in a separate program, a Keyword tool geared to affiliate marketers. I am also an affiliate of that program which too, in itself, would pay for the annual tuition if I needed it.

Purchasing an annual membership at this low rate will give you the incentive to get into marketing on the Internet and learn what you need to know, to build as many websites as you might need with free hosting, and to continually learn to run your Internet Business.

My son and my granddaughters are very successful at Internet Marketing partly because I have been their guide from the start. Now they are going Gang Busters and they are leaving me in the dust.

I’m 83 years old so I have lost some of my drive. But I still love the challenge of making money on the Internet. Especially during the Holiday Seasons when most sales are made. So I promote to websites that sell for me, ship for me, and handle customer relations.

It’s a ball!

Just remember that it takes some patience to get going and you must learn the trade. Affiliate and product marketing are not get quick schemes as the gurus suggest.

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Although WA focuses on Affiliate Marketing, promoting other folks products, the training also applies to selling drop shipped or your own products. I sold flagpoles and books for many years. Those products were drop shipped to my customers.

The Place to Leran to Earn



I’m a volunteer trainer at WAU. You will see me there as tjbooks.

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