Short List of Steps to Internet Marketing

Here are some steps to Internet Marketing:

  1. Gather your thoughts. What are your interest? What education do you have including special education and skills? What are your hobbies?
  2. What is your passion? What drives you and excites you?
  3. Choose an area of interest from Health and Beauty, Making Money, Expensive Hobbies or Relationships (dating, etc.)
  4. Find a program to sell at,, or some other affiliate network.
  5. Buy a domain at Godaddy or other source based on keyword research using a  program as Google’s free external keyword tool or a better affiliate oriented tool such as JAAXY.
  6. Look at the vendors sales page. Select a video and a list of benefits.
  7. Build a webpage listing the benefits. Ask for the readers email address by using a form such as one from
  8. Send emails to your readers giving them good information, to make friends, to have them trust you. Occasionally point out an offer (for which you are an affiliate).
  9. Add products to your website or add new domains and sites.
  10. Send traffic to your site by writing articles, blogging, writing ads, joining forums and by social marketing, etc.
  11. Join the FREE LIFETIME Start-up Membership at WAU.

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