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Folks are always asking if Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money or is Wealthy Affiliate a scam. Actually Wealthy Affiliate is the Premier Internet Marketing Site on the Internet for affiliate marketers and for small businesses for that matter. Let’s hope this is the Wealthy Affiliate Review you have been looking for.

Old Man in Idaho

Dr. John T. Jones

And YOUR FREE WEALTHY AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP IS NOW FOREVER. Yes, not for 10 days but for life. You will be able to upgrade to a Premium Membership AFTER you earn enough money to not only afford a monthly membership but the much more economical annual membership. Now there is no reason for any one to not succeed in Internet Marketing.

I joined Wealtlhy Affiliate University on May 29, 2008. I am now in my 7th year. I had wasted a lot of money with the gurus who promise you that you will get rich in a short time but simply take your money. The first thing I realized at WA was that the gurus were my competition, drawing off the uninformed, keeping them from succeeding on the Internet.

Over the years I have become good friends with Kyle and Carson who own WA. These Canadian lads earned their way through college by affiliate marketing. I have met a lot of other successful marketers at WA such as Ryan Moran who made over one-half million dollars while in college. Now he is going gang busters and he is beyond affiliate marketing (which is promoting other people’s products).

I know marketers who were making a pittance marketing until they tied in with Kyle and Carson who have guided them on their way to increased income. When you visit the new Open Education Project and the WA site you will see these young men at work tutoring right before your eyes.

I could describe the site but that is no longer necessary. It is open to you forever.

On the site you will see there are forums, chats, courses of study, tutoring which is always free, keyword and writing tools, free hosting if you stick around long enough to use it, webinars called WAbinars, videos, you name it, it is there.

So is the paid WA membership worth the money? It is much less expensive than taking college courses, and if you are like many members, you can easily earn your monthly tuition or membership fee by telling others about WA. The website hosting alone takes care of my fee so any commissions I earn from new members is gravy. There are also work opportunities on the site. BUT YOU START FREE.

I suggest that you join on an annual basis to save about half your tuition. But you can start for free.

Well, I’m not going to go on forever on this. Just drop in and say, Hello!. I’m tjbooks on the site. One Quick CLICK.

Well, was this the Wealthy Affiliate Review you’ve been looking for? I hope so. But your review after your visit is the important one.

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P.S.  I also make commissions from JAAXY, the Affiliate Marketers Keyword Tool produced by WAU. Get your free 30 searches by CLICKING HERE NOW!

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