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Welcome to, the home for folks who like to work from home, or while taking a break, or while having lunch, or in a motel room, or wherever they are if they didn’t forget to take their computer with them.

Hopefully that computer will be small enough to carry and take on an airplane. That is one thing about an Internet business, you can work whenever you want and where ever you want.

Also, you can keep your day job if you want to. But if you don’t, you will need to pay for things that you may be getting with your day job like retirement benefits and health insurance and membership on the company softball team or bowling club. So think about it before leaving.

Now I know that the money-grubbing gurus say that you will only have to work a few hours a day. That you can work on the beach in Hawaii or from your yacht. Well, I do know some who could do that but they don’t. They are workaholics. They love what they do and they do what they love. What could be better than that?

Internet marketing is great for mothers with youngsters in the home. They can get out of bed an hour early, squeeze in some computer time in while the kids are napping or playing or at school, or grabbing an hour in the evening while Dad is bowling or visiting the local men’s club.

Such marketing is great for those who just want to supplement their income. Maybe they need the income to live. Perhaps they want money for retirement and they want to invest for that purpose. Maybe they want to take a nice vacation with the family each year. Whatever the reason, Internet marketing can be the trick.

My Purpose Here

I’m an old man living in Idaho with my wife who has ALZ. I depend on a professional caregiver and my grandchildren to take care of things around here. I’m a birder, a photographer, a painter of things I see such as landscapes, animals and birds and flowers for my older granddaughters, a writer, a retired engineer and executive of a Forbes 500 Company, an engineering magazine editor, and some time back, an engineering professor at Iowa State University in Ames.

On my left is Ted Olean of Minnesota (deceased).

I fought in Korea with the 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division. You can see some of my history and publications and such at

I’m 80-years-old and I think I have enough money to last until my wife and I pass into the great beyond, but you never know, do you? So I continue to do internet stuff if for no other reason, I can’t stop. Did I say that I like to go fishing with my grand kids. We can’t travel anymore so we have to fish close to home.

So what is my purpose here? It is to help new members get started in a home business With Little or No Cash. So that is what I’ll be doing here.

Follow the menu and the blog posts to gather information you want or need.

You can learn even more of the nitty gritty at:

My Main Training Site:

A great future to you and yours!

Note: First pic is when I was made a fellow of the American Ceramic Society many years ago. The second in in Korea. Ted Olean of Minnesota is on my left. I became platoon sergeant just after this pic was taken when our platoon sergeant was wounded. I was 19-years-old.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.
Buhl, Idaho


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